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El Taco Loco

Salt Spring Island, BC – August 2019

Recently on Salt Spring Island for the day we found ourselves on the hunt for lunch. If you who have been to Salt Spring and remember the taco truck but haven’t been back in a while will want to read this.

Is El Taco Loco a food truck?

El Taco Loco used to be a food truck but now it’s something slightly different. The food is still made in the truck but now it is in the back of the garage creating that SoCal feeling of being inside and outside at the same time. You have the choice of sitting in the garage which has been turned into a cantina or out on the patio, either way you are in for a unique dining experience. The cantina is decorated with mariachi day of dead artwork, pennants from towns only people have visited there will recognize and a tiki sign I really want!

The truck is inside now and the food still gets cooked and picked up (by the servers now) from the window so really it is the best of both worlds. A brilliant way to build a kitchen!

You can also walk into a seperate area and order food to go. Perfect to take down to the park or the harbour for a picnic.

The Drinks

We started off with a couple of margaritas. A classic lime shaken and a blended cocorita which was a coconut flavoured blended drink. Both drinks were properly made and exactly on point.

The Food

We ordered the jalapeno poppers to start which were very unique. They were spicy and different and delicious and ff you are a jalapeno popper fan you must check these out.

Burrito time! There are a few different options of protein with the burrito as well as a vegetarian version. Just be sure you are hungry! There is a reason they call this the burrito grande. It was tasty, well built and very filling.

If you find yourself on Salt Spring and you are looking for a local favorite this a great place to visit. Lunch, dinner or a take away this unique play on a cantina\food truck doesn’t disappoint.

We enjoyed our lunch and met the owner Tom who came by and showed us the dessert he had made for the day. The dessert sounded and looked delicious but we were too full of burritos and jalapeno poppers.

Muy Rico!