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Local Cider

Salt Spring Island, BC – August 2019

We Recently visited Salt Spring Island for the day and were told if you go to the island you must try the Salt Spring Wild Cider House. I’m not the biggest fan of cider, or at least I didn’t use to be, but we are always up to try anything so off we went.

The drive off the main road to the Cidery was long and windy and seemed out of the way. It felt like we were getting deeper into the middle of the island. When we finally pulled in I was pleasantly surprised by the facility and was completely taken over by the view. The outdoor tasting area looks down over some fruit trees, fields and a flock of the world famous Salt Spring Lamb which were grazing at the bottom of the green valley. Simply wonderful.

Salt Spring Island Cider

Now onto the tasting. The day we visited they offered two tasting flights, a traditional flight and then a not so traditional. If you read our blog you will know which one we selected 🙂

Traditional Cider

The first side of the tasting started out with some traditional ciders and was a great example of the difference between the Dry, Semi-Dry and few different fruits such as pear and grapefruit. I LOVED these ciders. I am always a fan of original recipes done correctly and these won my heart over to cider.

Unique Ciders

Then came the other side, the less traditional ciders. Elderberry/Flowers, Ginger Root, Maple Bourbon, Bitter Orange and Rosemary and the Scrumpy. These ciders should almost be classified as a new type of drink. While they are made based on the traditional Cider recipes they were an explosion of flavours and taste profiles that really need to be enjoyed on site and in person to truly appreciate.

Tapas & Sharables

The Salt Spring Wild Cider House also offers a menu featuring a number of wonderful and delicious looking dishes for sharing and tasting. We saw food coming out of the kitchen and it looked fantastic. Unfortunately we were already stuffed from our trip to El Loco Taco also on Salt Spring so we decided to hold off on trying the tapas for our next visit.

If you cannot get over to Salt Spring soon you can pick most of Salt Spring Wild Cider House ciders up in both private and government liquor stores. They are full of unique flavours that I can only describe as a taste of Salt Spring.

To learn more about Salt Spring Wild Cider House visit their website.