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  • Fresh food to market – distribution challenging / processing in Island challenging
  • High land costs
  • Older farm owners dominant / succession issues / aging out with huge debt / how do young farmers get involved
  • High cost of labour / limited labour pool
  • How can the farm owner earn a sustainable living?

Partner Solutions

  • Agri-tourism / vertical integration / challenging processing chains / supply channels
  • The creation of “farmpreneur”
  • Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture ( – fully committed to the development of “farmpreneur”
  • Focus on the business of farming
  • More support from government for small farming
    • Education specific to accessing funding opportunities
    • Accomodation for staff on the farm
    • Grants for leasehold land ownership (soil irrigation / fencing – consider these as TI for farming)
    • Policy & program development should be regional, not just Vancouver & Valley oriented
    • Higher threshold for large land estates to claim farm tax
  • Island Good (

3 emerging areas

  • Small farm development
  • New foods
  • New practises for small farm production

Why are these emergent areas? Focus on high cost of land and creating sustainable & affordable businesses

Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture

  • Building future farms
  • Agricultural sustainability & security
  • Regenerative farming (junkyard to farm)
  • Mentoring of future farmers & community farmers
  • Partners:
    • District of North Saanich
    • UVIC
    • Fickle Fig Farm
    • Kwantlen Institute for Sustainable Food & Systems
    • Tseycum Nation in the future


  • Pay attention to our own backyard – must be able to regenerate our land
  • Future investment in the “farmpreneur” – must be better farm based business people & entities
  • The Peninsula is a fabulous asset & we must celebrate & promote the food / farming / business sector to the broader community